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Evan Michael York is an author, student at ASU and on a mission to cure those who are suffering from mental illness.

My name is Evan York and I want to welcome you here to this site. If you are here because you are tired of feeling sick, depressed, anxious, or not “normal”, then you are in the right place. I grew up just outside of Dallas, Texas and never really had much to worry about, but once I went off to college, things became challenging. I found myself right in the middle of an anxiety-ridden, sick lifestyle and could not see a way out of it. It wasn’t until I saw a highly experienced therapist that I discovered my body was practically begging for better nutrition and care. This was a life altering moment for me and I immediately made changes in my life surrounding my health. Right away I saw results and the paralyzing anxiety vanished within a week.

My passion is to teach others how to take control of their body as a whole and call out the lies professionals are teaching us about mental health. Please reach out to me for questions or support and remember…  “Your change is right around the corner.”

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