Minute of Mastery January

Highlights of things I am reading, listening to, and watching each week. January 23rd, 2019


“”I believe there are two things in life that people want to take away from you, your time, and your attitude.  Therefore you have to become extremely protective and almost selfish over these two things. Time because you can never get any more of it so it is either well stewarded or wasted, and attitude because it has the ability to completely wreck you and everything you are working towards.”
– Evan York

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Factfulness | Hans Rosling


“One of the most important books I’ve ever read.”
-Bill Gates

People have an idea in their head that the world is getting worse every day.  In fact, in a worldwide study, more than half of the population believes this to be true. This book talks in depth about dozens of concepts, but this one was the most impactful to me.

In the last 20 years: 

  • Extreme poverty (those living on $2 or less daily) has almost halved.
    • In India and China alone in the past 21 years, there has been a 30% reduction in extreme poverty.  That equates to 270 Million people no longer living in poverty.
  • Life expectancy is 10 years greater
    • in 1800, life expectancy was 31 years old and if you think about it, that wasn’t really that long ago.
    • HIV infections are down half
    • Child deaths are down 120%
  • General points
    • Hunger is down 17%
    • Literacy is up 76%
    • Child cancer survival is up 22%

The book goes on with 32 dramatic improvements that we have seen in the past 20 years.

The purpose of this section is to shed light on the rampant negative mindset that so many people have about the world we live in.  There is literally no other time in history that has been better than this moment right now and if you take a moment to soak up all of the improvements that we have made in a short 20 years, gratitude is easily gained.


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Tai Lopez on Why Grinding isn’t Enough | Impact Theory


Tai has always fascinated me because he is an expert learner.  He gives easy, short, and simple steps to grow your knowledge and your productivity. In this podcast, he talks about being a smart worker not just a hard worker.  These are a few short steps he gives to be more efficient.

  1. Perfectionism (you have to know how to double check your work)
  2. Organization (take 10 minutes when you wake up to write out your plan for the day)
  3. Prudence (the ability to make the right decision)

“The hardest worker doesn’t always win.  If that were the case, people working on the side of the road would be the richest people in the world.”

Find every opportunity you can to get into networking situations.  Hustle at that more than anything else because you are able to download information from them in a way that you can’t from any other resource.



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Top Performance | Zig Ziglar


Zig has a great section in this book about looking for the good.  It is a simple concept, however so often forgotten.  Face it, it’s easy and sometimes even fun to be negative, but there is literally nothing in life that will destroy your process and your end goal like negativity will.

  1. Start looking for the good 
    • There is a story in the book about a woman who hates her job, and Zig asks her if the job pays her.  “yes” she responds.  “Do they pay you below average, average, or above average?” “above” she replies.  “Do you get vacation days?” he asks, “yes” she says. “Well those all sound pretty good to me don’t they?”
    • His point here is that you can find a laundry list of good in every moment and circumstance.  Negativity will creep in and crush you if you are not constantly watching out for it.
  2. You find what you are looking for
    • If you went to beautiful Bora Bora where everything is bright and seemingly happy and went looking for crime, drug use, and generally terrible individuals, you would find it all rather easily.  Similarly, if you went to the depths of Los Cabos, Mexico where the fatal crime rate is 111 out of every 100,000 people and looked for kind, caring, and loving families, you would find them easily.
    • The point here is that no matter what job you’re in or situation you find yourself, you can find the good and just as easily find the bad and it is A CHOICE to do either.

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