Minute of Mastery November

Highlights of things I am reading, listening to, and watching.
November 28th, 2018

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Episode: How to Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals

Marginal changes in our process can have a dramatic effect on our end result.

Key Points in the Talk:

  • Stop being a spectator in your own decision making and become an active participant.
  • What big goals could you achieve if you just made a marginal adjustment in your routine?
    • RECTIFY things in your life that you don’t like
  • Break big ambitious goals into small acquirable decisions.

This TED Talk is a great presentation by Stephen Duneier.  Throughout his life, he has tested the limits of what he could achieve and always pushed himself to go after bigger goals more often. Give this video a watch, I promise you will not be disappointed.

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Episode: Eric Edmeades On Mastering Your State Of Being


This episode talks about how no matter what has happened to us in our past or is happening to us currently, we can rewire our perception of it to be positive. (creating resilience)

Rewire our thought pattern like this: 

1. Event Happens
2. Feel Emotion
3. Ask yourself, “Is this emotion serving me?”
4. Determine, “What emotion would serve me?”
5. “How can I be grateful for what happened?”

In the podcast, Eric gives an example about how he had thousands of dollars worth of possessions stolen, and overtime he became grateful for the fact that he was able to buy his wife gifts to replace the stolen properties, write a book with the free time he now had since his phone had been stolen, the list goes on and on.

Having emotional resilience is key to not being shaken by inevitable negative life events.

Watch the video here!

Episode: Abnormal | Bring Present

How did Jesus live fully present all the time?

  • We are stressed out because we are not fully present in the moment.
  • We are either living in guilt from the past, or anxiety about the future.

“What were you most worried about 3 years ago, 3 months ago, 3 days ago? I bet you cannot remember.” Even if you do remember, and even if it happened, what did you gain by worrying? 

You are still here, and God is still good. 

Jesus did not worry a single moment about the future therefore he did not miss out on a single moment of his life.  
What did you miss out of in moments of worry?


Video to watch:

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