Step into a healthy lifestyle, and watch
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“Your change is right around the corner.”
- Evan York
Learn how Evan York conquered his anxiety and depression through diet and exercise
"The mental health epidemic is too common, and I wanted to do something about it"
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You don't have to spend your life managing symptoms of mental health, you can eliminate them completely.

Meet Evan York

As a college student at Arizona State University, author and speaker Evan York found himself sinking into a pit of anxiety and despair. He tried everything to improve his mental and emotional health, but traditional psychiatric treatment only made his condition far worse. After studying, researching, and ultimately experimenting on himself, he discovered a clear path to healing his brain and getting his life back. Having lived through a period of tremendous struggle and risen above it, he now shares what he’s learned on the journey to a healthier life.

What is Sick Of Suffering About?

Sick of Suffering is a powerful guide that explains the steps it takes to drastically improve your mental health without traditional methods and medication. Evan York discusses how diet, exercise and other habits can be used to boost your mental health and live a happier life. After overcoming his own issues, Evan decided this all-to-common problem needed to be addressed and talked about. In this book, you’ll learn how he overcame this terrible illness and how you can overcome too.

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Success Story

"I read Sick of Suffering and was so moved by the message that I actually started to eliminate bread, pasta, and sugar from my diet. Within 30 days I lost 20+ pounds and my mood is consistent every day. This book is something all of us can be fit from!"
-John D


Evan Michael York

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