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“Most of my mindset was to help other people,” he said. “Once I figured out what was going on with me, I really saw there were so many problems in the mental healthcare system. Once I realized that, I knew someone had to be a voice out there from someone who had (gone through) it.”

Evan York, ASU student and author of Sick of Suffering  publishes book about his fight against depression and anxiety. 

View the article by The State Press here!

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Depression and anxiety are a big deal at ASU. In fact, 40.9% of students have reported feeling so depressed that they feel it’s difficult to function.

Evan York, the author of “Sick of Suffering,” was in that boat when he was a freshman at ASU. He was prescribed to take medication for his anxiety and depression. Checkout the podcast here or the full article here.

In an interview with Huffington Post, Evan York discusses the flawed  healthcare system that can actually hurt your mental health. 

Read more about Evan’s interview and journey through the mental health care system here.

In an interview with Ellen Ratner at WND, a student has written a great book on how to cope with mental illness after having his own mental health challenges. The book, written by Evan Michael York, is Sick of Suffering: A Radical New Guide to Healing Your Brain and Getting Your Life Back,” and it offers a “better way” for people who are suffering from depression and anxiety.

Read more about Evan’s interview and journey through the mental health care system here.

Evan York talks with KCOL Fox News Radio in an interview about his recent book and how he overcame depression and anxiety.

A more in depth interview with Evan York and Adam Carroll. 

Evan talks about some of his lifestyle changes, delving into his diet which involves supplements like Omega-3s and avoiding the chemical-filled, artificial foods that are affecting so many people today. 

Listen to the interview here


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